Practical Metallurgy

This course provides the attendee with the practical abilities to carry out sample preparation and testing as well as the theoretical knowledge to interpret results.

Practical Course

£350 per person

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Who should attend?

The course will suit technical personnel, engineers and production managers whose roles will benefit from an understanding of practical metallurgy testing and the relationship of test data to physical properties. The delegates do not need to have any formal qualifications but as the course is first year degree level they should be able to engage on a technical course.

Course aims

To provide the attendee with the practical abilities to carry out sample preparation and testing as well as the theoretical knowledge to interpret results

Learning outcomes
  • Prepare metallurgical samples
  • Carry out mechanical testing
  • Interpret test data
  • Relate microstructure to mechanical properties
  • Produce a technical report to communicate findings
Course programme
Introduction to metallurgical testing
  • Metals, alloys, crystals (grains)
  • Phases, microstructure, phase diagrams, phase transformations
  • The influence of mechanical work and temperature (heat treatment) on microstructure
  • The relationship between microstructure and materials properties
  • Detailed consideration of two alloy phase diagrams, Cu - Ni and Fe -C.
  • Principles of metallurgical etching
  • Principles of testing techniques
Practical’s – A number of different alloys will be studied
  • Sample polishing
  • Metallographic etching and microscopy
  • Tensile testing
    • Includes the extrapolation of yield, UTS and Young’s modulus
  • Hardness Testing
  • Impact testing
  • Surface assessment
    • Microscopy
      • Identifying grain structure and phases
      • Grain size measurement (Mean Linear Intercept)
      • Coating thickness measurement
    • SEM
      • Fracture surface assessment
      • Surface morphology
    • EDX
      • Element analysis
Submission of report of practical write up and conclusions
Day 1: Wednesday 25th September
Day 2: Thursday 26th September
Day 3: Friday 27th September
3 days plus assessment.
Date of assessment to be confirmed with attendee.

Swansea University Bay Campus

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