Due to current restrictions METaL are not teaching courses face-to-face. However the project is still open for business, and enquiries can be sent through via email, social media or by phone.

Manufacturing Technology

An overview of common manufacturing processes for product realization, material selection, automation and disruptive manufacturing technologies.

Technical Course

£300 per person

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Who should attend?

Suitable for anyone wishing to gain/improve their knowledge of manufacturing, modern manufacturing processes and their link to materials.
Attendees do not need to have any formal qualifications but will require some technical knowledge.

Course Benefits
  • Improved knowledge of material selection.
  • Highlights processing considerations with respect to final product design, performance and cost.
  • Potential to improve the efficient use of time and materials.
Course programme
  • Overview of manufacturing
  • Material structure and properties
  • Casting
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Forming
  • Forging
  • Machining
  • Surface Treatments
  • Joining
  • Heat treatments and annealing
  • NDT
  • Introduction to Lean Engineering
  • Material and Process Selection
  • Including Common Engineering Materials
  • Future: The Latest Trends in Manufacturing Technology (including additive layer manufacturing), 4th Industrial revolution, Cyber Manufacturing Systems, the Smart Factory, internet of Things.
40% in class assessment
60% formal 2hr exam
Day 1: Wednesday 29th April
Day 2: Thursday 30th April
Day 3: Wednesday 1st April
Date of assessment to be confirmed with attendee.


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