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Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to teach face-to-face at the moment, however, we do have our Corrosion and Coatings Technology course available on line with more courses in development. Please register your interest online or sign up to our mailing list to stay updated with which courses are available to study from home

Introduction to CAD, 2D & 3D

This course is designed to give an overview into Computer Aided Design using both 3D & 2D design methods. The skills learned are generic and easily transferable to any modern parametric CAD system.

Technical Course

£300 per person

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Who should attend?

The course is for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of CAD, 3D Modelling & 2D Engineering Drawing.
Attendees do not need to have any formal qualifications but will require some technical knowledge.

Course Benefits
  • Knowledge of 3D & 2D design strategies applicable to all modern parametric CAD systems.
  • Gain an understanding of how to critically evaluate engineering CAD design issues.
  • Potential to improve the efficient use of time and materials.
  • Potential to improve productivity and quality standards.
Course programme
  • Navigating the 3D Environment
  • Foundation of Sketch Based Modelling
  • Introduction to RMS & the Four Functions
  • Using Dimensions & Constraints
  • Making an Accurate Part
  • Introduction to Engineering Drawing
  • 2 Assignments using RMS based Modelling Methods
  • Benefits of Cloud-Based CAD
  • CAD Modeling Best Practices
2 Assignments.
Day 1: Wednesday 18th March
Day 2: Thursday 19th March
Day 3: Friday 20th March
Date of assessment to be confirmed with attendee.

Coleg Llandrillo