Environmental Impact and Sustainability

With focus on the environment ever increasing and legislation rapidly changing it is becoming more important to understand the influence industry has on the environment.  This course provides an education into current legislation and the influence industry is having on the environment.

Technical Course

£300 per person

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Who should attend?

The course will suit technical personnel, engineers and production managers whose roles include dealing with environmental issues, or for whom a knowledge of environmental issues is beneficial.

Course aims

To provide an overview of environmental legislation, and an insight into the environmental challenges facing modern industry.  To describe specific industry related pollution issues for water, air and land, and to provide practical guidance on environmental permitting, and the steps required to achieve ISO14001 status.

Learning outcomes
  • An understanding of environmental legislation and the impact it has on industry
  • Practical guidance on how to obtain environmental permits
  • A description of the steps required to set up an environmental management system, to ensure compliance with ISO14001
  • An understanding of the role technology can play in reducing environmental impact
Course programme
  • A review of environmental issues, and their impact on health, resources, and energy policy
  • A description of the extensive environmental legislation relevant to industry
  • The impact of environmental taxation
  • Define the process for obtaining environmental permits
  • Map out the framework for an organisation to set up an effective environmental management system
  • Review the organisations that have a role in policing compliance with environmental issues
  • Review major sources of pollution to air, water and land
  • Industrial case studies which have addressed specific environmental problems
  • An outline of the role that current technological developments are having on reducing environmental damage
  • A description of a number of major RD&T initiatives that will potentially provide effective solutions in the future
2 hour written exam.
Day 1: Wednesday 27th May
Day 2: Thursday 28th May
Day 3: Friday 29th May
3 days plus assessment.
Date of assessment to be confirmed with attendee.

Baglan Bay Innovation Centre