Due to current restrictions METaL are not teaching courses face-to-face. However the project is still open for business, and enquiries can be sent through via email, social media or by phone.

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

This course will provide attendees with demonstrations of how to solve real life fluid flow problems using simulation software. The course will also cover the methodologies which can be applied to address these issues.

Technical Course

£300 per person

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Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to develop their understanding of simulation and modelling software.
Attendees do not need to have any formal qualifications but will require some technical knowledge.

Course Benefits
  • Understanding financial benefits of computational modelling.
  • Become more familiar with latest technologies in manufacturing.
  • Potential to reduce fault and waste through efficient use of resources.
  • Keep up to date with industrial trends.
  • Potential to be more competitive in the business environments.
Course programme
  • Introduction to computational fluid dynamic modelling and the use of simulation in the design process
  • Commercial packages for each stage. Introduction to steps involved in computational modelling.
    • Pre Analysis
    • Setting up the model
    • Geometry
    • Mesh
    • Physics Setup
    • Numerical Solution
    • Numerical Results
    • Verification & Validation
  • Analysis techniques: Overview of finite difference, finite volume and finite element methods.
  • In-class course work
  • Written report based on information-data provided during the 3 days course (to be submitted 2 weeks after the last day of teaching)
Day 1: Wednesday 15th April
Day 2: Thursday 16th April
Day 3: Friday 17th April
Date of assessment to be confirmed with attendee.

Baglan Bay Innovation Centre