Due to current restrictions METaL are not teaching courses face-to-face. However the project is still open for business, and enquiries can be sent through via email, social media or by phone.

The Royal Mint

Alex Collier

Alex, an Operations Manager at The Royal Mint, is currently working on the Integrated Secure Identification Systems (iSIS) project at The Royal Mint. This is an exciting award winning technology developed by The Royal Mint to prevent fraudulent copies of coins being produced. At present Alex is working on the production of the new £1 coin where this technology will be used for the first time anywhere in the world.

Joining the company with 12 GCSEs, he started his working career in the general production area of the Mint. Due to his strong work ethic, Alex was moved to the coatings section of business and put on a personal development pathway, which included his enrolment on the metal project’s materials and coatings modules. Not having any involvement in education since his GCSEs, Alex told us that he was at first concerned that he would find the courses difficult. However, through hard work, commitment and a strong support network at The Royal Mint, Alex achieved the highest scores in his class on all but one of the five modules he undertook. He shared how his new skills and knowledge have added to his confidence and he feels he is now making a more valued contribution to his team, especially when it comes to problem solving and thinking of new ideas. Alex has definitely caught the learning bug and is now looking towards studying further metal courses, and hopes to progress onto a full degree course. Alex is a fantastic example of what can be achieved if you challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone.