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Since it was first developed, METaL’s Corrosion & Coatings Technology course has been popular with attendees from widely varying backgrounds and industries.

Corrosion is an issue which affects many businesses, and can have a huge economic impact; this is not only detrimental for the company, but can also effect the end user, with corrosion costs often being passed on to the consumer. Corrosion can occur in major industrial plants, such as electrical power plants or chemical processing plants, and can cause expensive plant shutdowns.  

The process of corrosion can take place in many elements, such as heat exchanger tubes and industrial cooling water systems, and can cause failure in structures such as bridges, high rise buildings or electrical towers, which can have a potentially catastrophic effect on public safety. Corrosion phenomenon impacts a wide range of industries including but not limited to, marine, automotive, aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas. Corrosion and wear are estimated to cost UK economy around £80 billion per annum.

With these factors in mind, the METaL Project developed a course which provides attendees with an understanding of what corrosion is, how it occurs, and the role coatings technology plays in preventing it.

During the three day course, lecturers explore the benefits of both metallic and organic coatings, their application and also their defects, as well as the corrosion mechanisms they are designed to stop.

Tata Steel employee Tracey Smith attended a Corrosion & Coatings Technology course in March 2018, and explained how it benefitted her:

“I started work with the British Steel Corporation in September 1982 as a Quality Control Apprentice. Following several company changes and roles within the Technical Organisation I have been working as a Customer Technical Support Engineer for the last 15 years.”

“The role co-ordinates technical partnership activities between Tata Steel Strip Products and the customer. In particular advising and agreeing with customers on product performance, specifications and suitability for the required application.”

“Assessing customer complaints and reviewing the effectiveness of countermeasures is a key part of my role. Over the past 5 years I have experienced several major rust spot issues affecting Cold Rolled dry coil supply into my Drum Customers. Even though I have good knowledge and experience, the METaL Corrosion and Coatings Technology course had the right criteria to give me a better overview to establish why and how steel corrodes, as well as prevention and protection techniques.”

“The three day course was enjoyable and informative. Hard copies of the notes were provided, but having the information and revision details on-line was excellent, and helped me pass the course. The experience I have gained will help me monitor containment activities and support manufacturing so there are no major rust issues in future, which should delight of our Drum customers.”

Comments from other course attendees include:

“The course is very interactive.”

“I really enjoyed the engagement with other students & sharing their expertise.”

“Great relationship to current work issues.”

“The course was very enjoyable, I will recommend to other colleagues.”

“The course material was well explained and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions.”