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Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to teach face-to-face at the moment, however, we do have our Corrosion and Coatings Technology course available on line with more courses in development. Please register your interest online or sign up to our mailing list to stay updated with which courses are available to study from home

Lase Ltd

How metal can help small business

LASE Ltd is primarily a laser cladding and hardening jobshop, but they also build machines and provide a consultancy service in the laser industry. They use a robotic laser cladding system to apply metallic coatings to industrial components in order to improve their corrosion or wear performance. Based in Neath they are a new enterprise that wanted to access training that was of a high standard but which was flexible to their needs. Their headcount is small and as such they find it difficult to meet their business whilst releasing employees for any protracted time period. Due to the flexible nature of the metal courses LASE were able to access courses that were of a high technical standard without any detrimental impact on the business. The ability to pick and choose courses of short duration to increase employee technical knowledge in key areas was advantageous to help ensure the business needs were met as well as enhancing the knowledge of their employees.

Ben Lester has attended Introduction to Materials, Corrosion and Coating Technology and Practical Metallurgy courses and said that "The metal courses have helped me gain an understanding and appreciation of the technical and metallurgical side of what we do at LASE. In particular the corrosion and coatings technology module, has greatly improved my understanding of the different types of corrosion and how our coatings can protect against them. I look forward to more courses in the future."