Due to current restrictions METaL are not teaching courses face-to-face. However the project is still open for business, and enquiries can be sent through via email, social media or by phone.



METaL training helps in career development 

It’s never good news learning that the business you are working for is going to close. Unfortunately, this is exactly happened to one of our METaL project participants Richard. In 2019 the news broke that a major employer in the automotive sector in Wales was to close resulting in a large number of job losses.

This left Richard in the position where he needed to look for alternative work.

Richard has always been keen on personal development and always looked for training opportunities to enhance his skill base. Richard utilised METaL project courses on numerous occasions and gained University accredited qualifications in Practical Metallurgy and Manufacturing Technology.

Richard said- “METaL courses were ideal for me. They allowed me to gain valued credit qualifications to enhance my skills and experience and has contributed to securing a new role following the sad news of the business closure. I will take the skills and techniques learned to my new role and hopefully add real value to the new business. Can I thank all the team at the METaL project for the help and support on the courses I attended. I will continue to use METaL as a resource to gain further skills and experience.”

Khalil Khan – Project Manager of METaL said, “The labour market in the manufacturing sector in Wales faces numerous challenges with economic pressure and company closures at the moment resulting in a highly competitive market for the current jobs available. Hearing that Richard has used his experience and qualifications achieved through our courses has contributed to gaining a competitive edge in the labour market is fantastic news. I wish Richard all the best in his future career.”

The METaL Project provides short, accredited training courses to businesses in the Advanced Materials & Manufacturing sector, with the aim of upskilling the workforce. The recent injection of funding from Welsh Government now allows the Project to deliver these courses right across Wales.

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