Meeting Customer Expectations

Gain an appreciation of the complexities at each stage of production from raw material selection through to a finished coil.


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Course Benefits
A description of both internal market eg packaging, tubes and coated products together with a range of external sectors such as Yellow goods, automotive and construction. The production challenges associated with a constantly evolving product range, and typical defects found at various stages within the production cycle are highlighted, together with the current and future investment plans of the business. An overview of alternative methods of steel manufacture are identified, and business response to ever more stringent environmental legislation.
Course programme
  • Raw material specification and selection
  • A description of each stage of steelmaking process
  • A review of typical defects at each stage of production
  • An overview of the metallurgy of carbon steel products
  • A description of both internal and external markets
  • A review of both static and dynamic testing regimes used to characteristise material properties to satisfy customer requirements
  • Review of testing standards and specifications for various steel products
  • A review of customer technology
  • A review of product policy
  • Development of new steel grades
  • Review of environmental challenges facing the steel industry

comment If you would like to discuss specific content, then we can arrange an informal discussion with the course tutor.

This is an on line course so can be accessed anytime at your convenience. There is approx. 21-30 hours of course content to complete, depending on your knowledge of subject. There is a tutor who is assigned to the course who will answer any queries and hold tutorials if necessary, he is very approachable and where possible will find a convenient time that works for both of you
At the end of each section of the course there are a set of questions, they are to test your understanding and to contribute towards your final mark. At the end of the course you will be asked to submit a written assignment which will make up your final mark.
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