This online course is designed to provide an introduction into galvanising and the galvanising process. The course describes the processes and methods currently in use in the steel industry as well as other sectors. It begins with an introduction into the steel substrate including the hot and cold rolling processes. This is followed with a thorough examination of the complete galvanising process, starting with seam welding, and working through to final coiling of the galvanised steel strip. Galvanising bath types are discussed, along with some of the challenges faced. The course then moves to describe mechanical and anisotropic properties, testing methods and techniques used in various sectors, i.e. bake hardening for automotive. The latter part of the course explains common defects and corrosion issues that can occasionally occur and concludes with a section on galvanised products and their applications.


£100pp for Welsh businesses or employees living in Wales
£600pp for businesses or employees outside Wales

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£100 for Welsh businesses or employees living in Wales
£600pp for businesses outside of Wales

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Who should attend?

The course is aimed at Technical personnel, Engineers and Managers who wish to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the galvanising process along with improving their fundamental knowledge of galvanising in general. The course also includes current information on bath types, mechanical and anisotropic properties. Methods of testing and joining, common defects and corrosion along with information on galvanised products and applications.

Course Benefits
After completing this module, course delegates will be able to demonstrate an improved knowledge and increased understanding of galvanising in general along with a better understanding of the modern galvanising process. Armed with this new knowledge, delegates will be able to put into practice their enhanced understanding of galvanising upon return to their base location.
Course programme
  • Steel Substrate, including Hot & Cold Rolling
  • The Galvanising Process – Seam welding through to Coiling
    • Welding of coils
    • Cleaning
    • Annealing
    • Galv. Pot
    • Air knives/baffles
    • Cooling tower
    • Temper rolling
    • Tension levelling
    • Surface treatment
    • Inspection
  • Galvanising Bath Types – GA, Galfan, Magizinc and Galvaneal
  • Challenges of Dual Phase Steels
  • Mechanical Properties, Anisotropy, Testing & Joining Methods
  • Common Defects
  • Corrosion
  • Galvanised Products and Applications

comment If you would like to discuss specific content, then we can arrange an informal discussion with the course tutor.

This is an on line course so can be accessed anytime at your convenience. There is approx. 21-30 hours of course content to complete, depending on your knowledge of subject. There is a tutor who is assigned to the course who will answer any queries and hold tutorials if necessary, he is very approachable and where possible will find a convenient time that works for both of you
At the end of each section of the course there are a set of questions, they are to test your understanding and to contribute towards your final mark. At the end of the course you will be asked to submit a written assignment which will make up your final mark.
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