Fluid and Pressure Systems

The course provides an introduction to the methods that can be employed by engineers for the analysis of basic problems involving stationary and flowing fluids and pressure systems. The course covers basic laws of fluids, pressure, temperature, mass and energy and includes relevant worked examples.


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Free for Welsh businesses or employees living in Wales
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Course Benefits
Technical Outcomes
  • Comprehend the conservation laws of mass, energy and momentum.
  • Apply conservation laws to solve engineering problems.
  • Determine how to calculate forces and velocities of fluid systems.
Non-Technical Outcomes
  • Ability to apply and integrate knowledge and understanding of other engineering disciplines to support study of their own engineering discipline or line of work.
  • Understanding of, and the ability to apply, an integrated or systems approach to solving engineering problems.
Course programme
  • An Introduction to Fluid & Pressure Systems
  • Basic Characteristics
  • Stevin's Law & Pascal’s Law
  • Mass and Energy Balance
  • Forces on Fluids
  • Pressure on Fluids
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Buoyancy
  • Types of Fluid
  • Viscosity
  • Surface Tension
  • Types of Flow
  • Pumps, Turbines and Pipelines
  • Momentum Balance
  • Navier-Stokes Equation
  • Regulations & CFD

comment If you would like to discuss specific content, then we can arrange an informal discussion with the course tutor.

This is an online course so can be accessed anytime at your convenience. There is approx. 21-30 hours of course content to complete, depending on your knowledge of subject. There is a tutor who is assigned to the course who will answer any queries and hold tutorials if necessary, he is very approachable and where possible will find a convenient time that works for both of you.
At the end of each section of the course there are a set of questions, they are to test your understanding and to contribute towards your final mark. At the end of the course you will be asked to submit a written assignment which will make up your final mark.
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