Introduction to Circular Economy

On this course, we are going to explore the concept of sustainability, examine where we are in terms of global sustainability and how we have got to this point. We will then examine some of the most crucial global sustainability challenges and how circular economy offers us a new path to overcome these. We will examine the concept of circular economy, its benefits, and how you can start to implement its principles in your own projects.


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Free for Welsh businesses or employees living in Wales
£600pp for businesses outside of Wales

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Course Benefits
On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the key principles, benefits, challenges and underlying philosophy associated with a circular economy model and critically evaluate the economic, environmental, social and organisational impact of implementing aspects of the circular economy within your own business and across industrial sectors
  • Design and evaluate novel solutions of circular activity, within a business context and wider ecosystem, and construct a comprehensive business case and implementation strategy for application. Systematically appraise methods by which the transition towards a circular economy can be effectively managed and reflect on your role as a change maker within that process.
Course programme
Overview of Circular Economy and sustainable development
  • Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) and Resource Scarcity
  • Policy Legislation and strategy
  • Major players in the UK – Assisting and facilitating change
  • Circular Business Models and the Shifting Role of Departments to accommodate circularity
  • Early movers in CE and business benefits
  • Practical solutions and tools to help transition to circular economy
    • Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
    • Measuring Environmental Impact & Systems thinking
    • Lifecycle Analysis
    • Systems thinking
  • Eco-design and design for circular economy
  • Lifecycle optimisation
  • Materials Circularity Indicators
  • Pipeline alternative recovery technologies

comment If you would like to discuss specific content, then we can arrange an informal discussion with the course tutor.

This is an online course so can be accessed anytime at your convenience. There is approx. 21-30 hours of course content to complete, depending on your knowledge of subject. There is a tutor who is assigned to the course who will answer any queries and hold tutorials if necessary, he is very approachable and where possible will find a convenient time that works for both of you
At the end of each section of the course there are a set of questions, they are to test your understanding and to contribute towards your final mark. At the end of the course you will be asked to submit a written assignment which will make up your final mark.
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