We are pleased to announce that for a limited time we are now able to offer our courses FREE of charge for Welsh businesses.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to teach face-to-face at the moment, however, we do have our Corrosion and Coatings Technology course available on line with more courses in development. Please register your interest online or sign up to our mailing list to stay updated with which courses are available to study from home



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Introduction to Materials Engineering

credit_card £300

This course provides an overview of materials engineering including both the physical and mechanical properties of different materials.

Practical Metallurgy

credit_card £350

This course provides the attendee with the practical abilities to carry out sample preparation, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, chemical analysis (EDS), failure analysis and mechanical testing; along with gaining the theoretical knowledge to interpret results and understand physical metallurgy.

Energy and Power

credit_card £300

This course is designed to guide the student through the main concepts of power generation, supply and demand with emphasis on heat and electricity. Scientific concepts will be backed up using real life examples taken from some typical power generation systems.

Online Corrosion and Coatings Technology

credit_card FREE for limited time

An introduction to corrosion, electrochemical mechanisms and corrosion prevention including protective coatings.

Advanced Composite Materials

credit_card £300

This engineering composite training course is designed to provide an introduction into the manufacture and repair of advanced composite materials. The course has a practical element focusing on applications of composite manufacture and repair, to include initial layup manufacture and layup repair.

Manufacturing Technology

credit_card £300

An overview of common manufacturing processes for product realization, material selection, automation and disruptive manufacturing technologies.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

credit_card £300

This course provides an outline of current environmental legislation and the influence industry has on the environment.

Arc Welding

credit_card £300

The course provides an in-depth description of the most widely used arc welding processes, an understanding of both material and weld metallurgy, the benefit of key testing regimes, and an appreciation of the causes and solutions for typical weld defects.

Design for Reliability

credit_card £300

An overview of practical aspects of reliability engineering methodology to achieve highly reliable and cost-effective systems.

Pressurised System Design

credit_card £300

Overview of pressurised systems covering regulations, standards, design methods & techniques.

Introduction to Materials Testing in a Manufacturing Environment

credit_card £300

An understanding of the mechanical properties of many engineering materials. We study the test methodologies and standards developed to ensure that materials can be understood and safely deployed in a range of in-service scenarios. This course combines both classroom material along with practical hands on testing of real specimens in commercial test house.

Joining Technology

credit_card £300

An understanding of a broad range of joining techniques including welding, riveting, fasteners and adhesives.

Advanced Imaging and Materials Characterisation Techniques

credit_card £300

This module provides an introduction to the principles of microscopy and spectroscopy.

Introduction to CAD, 2D & 3D

credit_card £300

This course is designed to give an overview into Computer Aided Design using both 3D & 2D design methods. The skills learned are generic and easily transferable to any modern parametric CAD system.

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

credit_card £300

This course will provide attendees with demonstrations of how to solve real life fluid flow problems using simulation software. The course will also cover the methodologies which can be applied to address these issues.

Company training courses

We are able to tailor and even develop modules around companies general products and processes. If there are specific technical training needs please get in touch to discuss opportunities. Examples include a course for Tata Steel on coke oven by-product treatment and an electroplating course for the Royal Mint.

If you would like to discuss specific content, then we can arrange an informal discussion with the course tutor.