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Work Based Learning for Welsh Industry

Philip Barnes
6 January 2020

work based learning

As a nation, Wales, is in a period of challenging and changing economic times, and businesses, particularly those in the manufacturing sector, are at the forefront of this change. Welsh manufacturers must be responsive to this shift in order to keep the wheels of industry turning, and supply the economy with the much-needed jobs and innovation which contribute to our nation’s economic growth.

For many manufacturers the pressures of running a business are intensive and with ever changing priorities the decision to invest in the right areas to grow a business can be complicated.

When considering these investment decisions it is widely recognised that highly trained people are less affected by economic turbulence; often they are more mobile and versatile, meaning they are much less likely to become economically inactive in the long term. By investing in training, companies can help employees to become more productive. This in turn enables career progression and an improved skills base, something which is particularly sought after in our manufacturing sector in Wales.

Choosing which training option best fits your business can be a complicated. Cost, time and return on investment are all key considerations. Whether to invest in long term training? Higher Education or Further Education? Whether to allow day release? The re - emergence of apprenticeships! And more recently in the manufacturing sector degree apprenticeships are now an option.

A key consideration for the future renewal of the Welsh economy will be raising the skill level of the Welsh workforce and supporting businesses to be become increasingly innovative and competitive.

A potentially viable and cost effective option is work-based learning. The METaL project, based within Swansea University’s School of Engineering, delivers part funded, short, accredited work based training for manufacturing businesses across Wales. The courses can be delivered in a timeframe to suit your business and at a location which is easily accessible.

Project METaL has successfully developed and delivered numerous short courses benefiting Welsh manufacturing businesses. To find out how our METaL courses may be able to assist your business with your skills development needs please get in touch.