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Updating Existing METaL Courses

30 January 2019

Alternative Welding Configurations

The METaL tutors have been busy over the past few months updating and changing two of our existing courses Manufacturing Technology and Joining Technology.

Farzaneh Hafezi, our new tutor, has updated and changed the Manufacturing Technology course.  Farzaneh introduces the concepts of Smart Factory, end to end engineering and industry 4.0 in the new course.  The course explores concepts such as the internet of things and cyber manufacturing to enhance production control, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccB6e18VwsQ.  It gives a basic understanding of how computer modelling can aid manufacturing and provides a core understanding of manufacturing processes.  The updates to the course enhance the existing course and provide an insight into future developments in the world of manufacturing processes. 

The Joining Technology course has also been updated.   Bryan Jones has incorporated the latest research in joining techniques in the new course including the joining of different materials such as polymers, composites, and ceramics.   The joining process has a significant influence on the overall manufacturing process, in terms of performance and cost of the final assembly. As a consequence of this, there continues to be a strong research effort on joining technology with respect to factors including increased automation, improved joint quality and reliability, higher levels of joint performance, robust joining techniques for higher performance and exotic materials, as well as reducing cost. The course will review the significant progress that has been made in each of these areas including the extensive deployment of robots in many mass production industries, the use of closed-loop systems and the development of novel joining solutions e.g. combining adhesive bonding with spot welds or self-piercing rivets, and arc welding with laser welding.