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TATA Steel Engineering Achievement Ceremony

Dr Khalil Khan
1 February 2017

Swansea University and TATA Steel have a long history of positive mutually beneficial cooperation, this entails research and development partnership and knowledge transfer. The metal project and TATA have been working together since 2011 with the metal project delivering courses in Introduction to Materials, Manufacturing Technology and Practical Metallurgy. The project recently delivered a course in Design for Reliability for the TATA engineers. The Design for Reliability course covers a wide scope of topics including system engineering aspects of monitoring, control and reliability principles from design to on-site principles.

On 25th Jan 2017 TATA held an engineering achievement ceremony to recognize the academic accomplishments of TATA Engineering staff. TATA Engineering staff are passionate about continuing their skills development through academic progression. The recognition event featured the achievements of TATA Engineers in gaining qualifications in Cat 1/Safety, HNC, HND, Engineering degrees, Masters and Professional Membership. The event also highlighted the achievement of 22 of the TATA engineers who attended the metal Design for Reliability course. All the engineers who attended the Design for Reliability course found the course to be very enjoyable and relevant to their day to day work. Below are some of their quotes regarding the course:

  • 'This course is very relevant to my daily work'
  • 'Enjoyed the course found it challenging but relevant'
  • 'The team work between the group and the University staff was superb'
  • 'This course helps challenge your own mind set'

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