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Highly Conductive Clear Coatings - New Spraying Method

Eleanor Hubble
20 August 2020


A new, basic method for making clear coatings capable of blocking heat and conducting electricity could dramatically cut costs for energy-saving smart windows and heat-repelling glass.

Spray-on coatings developed by researchers at RMIT University Australia, are ultra-thin and very cost-effective, and could challenge the performance of current industry standards for transparent electrodes.

These coatings are currently used as components in tech such as touchscreen displays, solar panels, smart windows and LED lighting. Creating this type of product is currently time-consuming and reliant on expensive raw materials.

The novel spray-on method is not only faster and scalable, but is also based on cheaper materials that are readily available.

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This story is adapted from material from Materials Today, with editorial changes made by the METaL Project.