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Focus On: Introduction to Materials Engineering

The METaL Team
9 February 2018

Introduction to Materials Engineering

Materials engineering is a key enabler for most industries in the race to make things stronger and lighter, and to improve functionality whilst targeting higher levels of sustainability.

With this in mind, METaL developed an ‘Introduction to Materials Engineering’ course intended to provide attendees with:


-          An understanding of the link between the chemistry and mechanical properties of a full range of metallic and non-metallic materials.

-          Preferred processing routes for each family of materials.

-          The selection of products available for a wide range of service loading regimes and environments.


Over the three days, the course describes how material properties interact with each other and with environmental changes such as temperature, pressure and force.   Understanding material behaviour can assist in problem solving discussions within a company and allow more informed decisions regarding material selection to be made

During the course, the tutor explores a range of materials including ferrous/non-ferrous metals and alloys, polymers, composites and ceramics.  By providing an overview of the main properties of these materials, attendees gain technical knowledge which they can apply to  continuous improvements on process lines, for example stamping for metallic materials, casting for metals with relatively low melting points, and extrusion for polymeric materials.

In addition, we aim to provide attendees with an appreciation of the latest trends in advancement in materials, including smart materials and biomimicry, together with cutting edge processing technologies, such as additive layer manufacturing. There is also a focus on the circular economy, with the tutor exploring the sustainable developments in material utilisation including the recycling and reuse of products.

So, we hope this gives an indication of how this course is business-relevant, and the type of information which can be gained by attending. But don’t just take our word for it, here is the feedback from previous attendees:

“Great course, good information provided.”

“I liked the wide range of topics covered on a short course.”

“Good interaction with the group.”

“It was interesting to learn how the theory linked with my company processes.”


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