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Guest Blog - ASTUTE2020+

Rhian Jeffs
12 March 2021

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With a passion for supporting Welsh Manufacturers, ASTUTE 2020+ has established strong collaborative relationships with Welsh companies to address their manufacturing challenges.

At a time when manufacturing in Wales is facing significant challenges, it has never been more vital to secure the long-term competitiveness & sustainability of your business.

Collaborative research is paramount for the creation of knowledge, providing the basis for developing and creating new concepts, procedures and understandings, and assisting businesses to exploit new and existing opportunities whilst driving economic growth for the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing businesses are turning to digital technologies to help improve their operational resilience, efficiency and future growth opportunities. Through collaboration with ASTUTE 2020+, we can help companies embrace future manufacturing technologies by rethinking every aspect of the manufacturing process from a digital perspective, adding value, improving efficiency, and allowing opportunities to enhanced products, processes, and services for a global market.

ASTUTE 2020+ can support greater levels of research, development and innovation through demand-led, industry-academia collaboration, providing access to:

  • World-class academic expertise and technical experts
  • State-of-the-art facilities and experimental equipment
  • Intelligent systems, advanced techniques and bespoke software

ASTUTE 2020+ can support companies across a diverse range of manufacturing sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, energy generation and medical devices etc. in areas like robotics and automation, AI, IoT, circular economy etc. Successful examples include our collaboration with the Smart Container Company on an IoT device that instantly turns beer kegs into smart containers. The company are developing the KegTracker™, a first-to-market, non-intrusive, one-size-fits-all IoT device that instantly turns beer kegs and casks into smart containers.

Eduardo Garcia, Co-Founder, The Smart Container Company said:

“Our collaboration with ASTUTE 2020 helped us toward our goal of using this innovative technology to encourage more use of this circular economy asset to reduce the number of single-use plastic containers needed to meet market demand.”

Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd. based in Wrexham, collaborated with ASTUTE 2020+ to investigate the technical difficulties of using recycled materials. As a result, the company has produced its first “new” Brother-branded toner cartridges with frames moulded using 100% recycled material, using “end-of-life” products as a source of raw materials to produce new products. 

Julian Cooper, Quality/Environmental Manager, Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd. said:

“Working together with an independent education institute creates credibility to evaluation results that demonstrate the use of recycled materials in new consumer products. The value-adding collaboration with ASTUTE 2020 has enabled us to take the next important step – to use “end-of-life” products as a source of raw materials to produce new products. This is “the Circular Economy in action”.

You can find out more about our varied and unique collaborations with the Welsh manufacturing sector here.

Get in touch to discuss opportunities for working with us; we are here to provide support on your manufacturing challenge, email: info@astutewales.com, visit: astutewales.com

The ASTUTE 2020+ operation has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and the participating Higher Education Institutions.

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