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World Environment Day 2019

Catherine Glaznieks
6 June 2019

World Environment Day

Yesterday, June 5th 2019, was World Environment Day. To celebrate, lots of large events were organised around Wales, including Swansea University's LINC Building a Sustainable Future event, which many individuals and businesses attended. 

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the METaL team were unable to attend this event, but luckily tenant’s who share our premises at the Baglan Bay Innovation Centre decided to hold a small, informal event to mark the day. 

The team at Innogy held a free drop-in session with coffee and homemade cakes, to share ideas and discussions on how everyone can make a positive impact on the environment.  Topics included everything from litter picking in the local area at lunchtime, to reducing the number of flights taken by individuals. There were also suggestions on how to limit our environmental impact when shopping and at home, with recommendations on bringing your own vegetable bags to the supermarket and swapping to resuable face wipes.

Within the METaL office we do our best to limit our footprint, we think before printing, we car share or use public transport where possible and we make sure to switch off all lights and computers at the end of each day. For more ideas on going green at work, we found this article useful.

The METaL Project would like to say a big thank you Innogy for making us stop, think and discuss our environment, our impact and what action we can take, however small, to improve the planet for all. We are looking forward to celebrating World Environment 2020.