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2021 Recovery Hinges on Skills

Eleanor Hubble
20 January 2021

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During 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic meant that we all missed out on a lot, in both our personal and professional lives. Something which saw a major drop off during 2020 was upskilling, with half of global workers saying their employer had cut learning investment as a result of the pandemic. Of course, during some of the darker days of last year it’s understandable that training was not a top priority, in fact for many businesses the focus was simply on staying afloat.

But as we begin a new year, despite things still being very different, in terms of skills development many believe it is time to move on. Sarah Danzl recently wrote in an article for theHRdirector.com, “Recovery will be hindered if organisations continue to de-prioritise upskilling. 41% of workers say that a lack of confidence in their skills leads to them taking longer to complete tasks and 22% feel that their work is of a lower quality.”

In fact it’s believed that if upskilling is not made a priority in 2021 then more than 90% of the UK workforce will have to be upskilled or retrained by 2030 to be prepared for increased automation in the workplace, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies.

One of the major barriers to training, even before the pandemic, is budget. Many companies simply don’t have the spare financial resources to throw at training. This is why it was so important for the METaL Project to be able to offer our modules free of charge to Welsh industry during 2020 – something we are still pleased to be able to offer for a limited time.

And with ‘technology design and engineering’ being one of the top ten skills now needed globally and across all industries, METaL’s offering of advanced materials and manufacturing courses means we are perfectly placed to support the Welsh workforce.

For more on how the METaL Project can assist your company with upskilling, what courses we offer and to see if you are eligible for free training, get in touch.

Read more here: Don’t undercut upskilling – 2021 recovery hinges on skills.

This story is adapted from an article on TheHRDirector.com, with editorial changes made by the METaL Project.

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