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Design for Reliability

Bryan Jones
16 January 2017

Design for Reliability

All engineering equipment has a finite life, and deteriorates because of use, elapsed time or a combination of both. For effective plant management the key is to understand and control elements that pose the greatest risk to the value stream, maximising equipment or system availability, and minimising the lifecycle costs of the plant.

Risk-based asset management is a key enabler in achieving the optimal balance between using the assets efficiently to produce profits, and preserving the assets to maintain their capital value.

A 'Design for Reliability' course has been developed as part of the METaL portfolio, which provides both an overview of the practical aspects of reliability engineering methodology, together with the key factors which contribute to achieving highly reliable and cost-effective systems.

The focus of the course is on system engineering aspects of monitoring, control, reliability, survivability, integrity and maintenance as they impact on design for reliability principles in relation to on-site engineering. From an initial in depth review of the fundamentals of quality and reliability, which includes the classification of failures, the course concentrates on key aspects of the process – the principles of design for reliability, a systems engineering approach, and finally the cost of reliability.

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