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Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students in Engineering Network

Dr Khalil Khan & Catherine Glaznieks
31 January 2020


Recently the METaL team has attended two lectures organised by M2A and the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students in Engineering Network, discussing ‘Organisational Culture and Inequality’ and ‘Sponsorship: Why Race Matters’. 

The first lecture on ‘Organisational Culture and Inequality’, held in November 2019, was given by Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna from Cardiff University.  Professor Ogbonna talked about the barriers to achieving racial equality, and how exploring cultural and social differences and organizational cultures affects the careers and experiences of BAME employees and students.  He talked about the disparity and inequality experienced by BAME individuals within organisations and how people and their organisations should take responsibility to address the career progression and opportunity imbalance that exists. Professor Ogbonna gave insights from his research and his own experience of talking to individuals across many organisations.    

The second lecture held in January 2020 was given by Jannett Morgan, director of JM Learning and Skills Ltd.  Under the banner of ‘Why Race Matters’ Jannett discussed the topic of sponsorship, and how this differs from mentorship. This was a very interactive talk, and Jannett really encouraged the audience to engage and to think about what is meant by sponsorship and the benefits it presents to staff and students in their career progression. 

BAME Students in Engineering and the College of Engineering organised these talks which support Swansea University’s agenda to enhance inclusivity. It is hoped that these sessionsand others like it will help people get the most out of their studies and their careers, bringing satisfaction and happiness. 

Watch the video here.