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Arc Welding and Additive Manufacturing

Bryan Jones
7 October 2019

Arc Welding Additive Manufactuing

New research from the University of Leicester has explored the internal flow behaviour in both additive manufacturing and arc welding of metals, focusing on the melt pools that are created during each process.

To do this, the team inserted small tungsten and tantalum particles into the weld pool. Due to their high melting points, the particles remained solid in the melt pool long enough for them to be tracked using intense X-ray beams. The team selected Beamline 112 for this research due to its specialised high energy, high speed imaging capability at thousands of frames per minute.

Using this advanced imaging capability the researchers were able to create high-speed movies showing how surface tension affects the shape of the welding melt pool and its associated speed and patterns of flow. The results showed, for the first time, that the melt flow behaviour is similar to that previously only seen in computer simulations.

The results revealed that arc welding can be optimised by controlling the flow of the melt pool and changing the active elements on the surface.

The findings will be of benefit in the design and optimisation of welding and additive manufacturing processes to make components with improved properties at reduced costs. Read More

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